a plea for truth

shane morris

I struggle to compose a coherent thought, an articulate introduction to the heaviness of this sincere warning I've been led to write to anyone who's willing to hear. Writing this carries with it a certain distress, an uneasiness that I cannot shake. Nonetheless, I am compelled, even in the limited measure that I'm able, to pronounce a call to action — to anyone who stands with me in a base desire for truth. There has always been a spirit of deceit working over time to infect the church, but today it seems more than ever that it has pervaded the churches throughout this nation. I know not only that I am in a decaying foreign land, but that I live in a land where most of its inhabitants not only lack this same desire, but possess an ultimate disdain for it and set themselves against it vehemently. I'm only aware of this because I know what it really is that comes from within the heart of every person on this earth, and I only know that, even in the limited way I do, because I know my own heart that I have without Christ. 

 I am certain that it pains the Lord to see how fond this country has become of the counterfeit — how so happy they have become with the replacement. What do we see when we look around this country today? Today, we can witness with our own eyes the results from years upon years of compromise; the wisdom of God derided and altered into a palatable doctrine that tickles ears and lures warm bodies to fill seats. Or, in the least, it can make a god for you that the world is okay with. The Lord desires for all of the lost to be saved, but how can He use the church if those inside are themselves lost! If the truth of the gospel of Christ is changed or watered down — it no longer frees people. It only gives them a false sense of security, without addressing the root of their sin problem, which is only resolved with repentance. 

 A house divided cannot stand. The church is to be the pillar and support of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15). Do we think the Lord is pleased with what the church has become today? 

 Christians must use the circumstances of these current times as an opportunity to truly do some self-examination. How does the gospel of today line up with the truth? It simply does not. This new religion of Churchianity has turned the gospel into a toy store of self-interest. Have the overly-blessed citizens of this country really come to the conclusion that Christianity is now a one-and-done stop for salvational success? Where is the contrite spirit that looks to God for deliverance each day? What happened to enduring to the end? Where is the repentance now? Who dares now to utter the word 'repent'!? Have people convinced themselves that they're even a shadow of a passing good thought — outside of Christ? The truth is not fluid. It does not change depending on the audience and it does not evolve because a society has convinced itself they are more advanced than the ones from hundreds of years ago. The truth certainly isn't always pleasant, but if you want it — discomfort is irrelevant.

Imagine this: A Creator God empties Himself of divinity, humbles Himself to the form of a man, suffers His entire life and not only pays the price for a people He has blessed, but becomes their sin, in the chance that they will turn from their sin and simply receive Him ..... only to see them consciously and gladly choose the fake, more desirable, replacement. We will all come to a time when we eventually make the decision of where we stand with God. A true follower of Christ continues to make that decision every day for the rest of their lives. For one reason. He is Worthy. That is the only reason we must require. 

 The Lord does not speak to tickle ears. Jesus says everything for a reason. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and only the truth can set you free (John 8:31-36). It is only the truth. If we deny the truth, then we deny Him. Partial truths are not really truths. It only takes a little cyanide in a glass of water to kill you. What seems refreshing at first, only leads to destruction. If we really desire the truth, we can agree that there is no worthy replacement. When truth is desired, no counterfeit will do for the seeker. Jesus said that His followers are to consider the cost (Luke 14:25-34). Every true Christian has considered this cost and they continue to consider it every single day. We can choose to ignore this reality, but it can only be avoided for a time.

 When you look at the filthy table in the low light, it appears to be clean. It's only when you flick the switch and cast the light directly on it that you can see just how unclean it is. Let us hold up the so-called gospel of today in the Light of Christ. All those that desire the Lord: take the messages that are preached from pulpits across this nation and see how it looks when placed next to the Word of God. More than likely, it will not hold water, it will not be left standing in the storm, and it will not bear fruit, but only thorns and thistles. Do not be tricked by the way men may appear, for even the devil himself appeared as an angel of light and so his servants may appear as ministers of righteousness. Ultimately, you will know them by their fruit (Matthew 7:15-20). 

 The time of well-deserved judgment is coming upon this country. Desire the truth and seek the Lord while He may be found. Do not fear but only the Lord Himself. Do not trust in yourself, but put all your trust and hope in Him. Humble yourself beneath the cleansing Blood of Christ and receive His everlasting lovingkindness.